Capacity Building

Education Support

Many people who have disabilities struggle with education programs and activities. Teaching them in mainstream schools does not prove worthy. It becomes strenuous for the tutors to manage the classrooms. Special children may face moderate learning difficulties. They may lack logical skills and find it difficult to understand the basic concepts. Ineffective communication, poor thinking power, short-term memory and other behavioural abnormalities also hamper the growth and development of pupils.

These factors are reasonable grounds for special needs schools. The children must be taught in flexible environments where they are offered exceptional help and support according to their needs. The Empress Support Services provide diverse opportunities for developing children with moderate learning difficulties. They assist the overall development and growth of the children and offer them promising careers. Highly trained and skilled support workers strive to enlarge the curriculum.

Employment Support

We know many people with disabilities are seeking employment and want to challenge themself. We then provide jobseeker activities so we can see them in various settings while also revealing their talents and skills. The results of this process are vocational themes that help the employment specialist find competitive or customised employment opportunities that best match the jobseekers abilities and interests.

Unlike traditional vocational evaluations that focus on the jobseeker’s deficits, this comprehensive process focuses on what the job seeker can do and results in much better outcomes. Those who seek traditional wage employment are supported through the application and interview process.

Once a job seeker is offered an employment offer, we act as a consultant for the employer, providing supplemental on-the-job training support if requested. Finally, after the new employee is stabilised, we can provide ongoing support to ensure that the employee continues to thrive and assist in further career enhancement opportunities.


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