Capacity Building


Promoting a healthy lifestyle through capacity building and mentorship allows participants to make prosocial choices using a strength-based approach via reactional and developmental approach to Health, Sports, and Fitness, meal preps and healthy eating.

Capacity building via teaching the therapeutic benefits of engaging in activities like Community Gardening, cleaning, personal hygiene and essential grooming task

Job network and work-ready assessments and adjustment, pre-employment training via basic tasks focused on transferable skills by engaging in activities like Newspaper Rolling & Delivery.

Capacity building by teaching and simulating completion/undertaking of Activities of daily living.

Programs focused on recreational activities in an environment that caters to teamwork and cooperation to have a sense of community and collaborative skills like: Like participation in a Bowling League, Touch footy, Indoor soccer, Field trips, Hiking, etc.

Education Support

Empress Support Services provide various opportunities for people living with disabilities to develop their skills and capabilities. They assist the overall development and growth and offer them promising careers. Highly trained and skilled support workers strive to enlarge the curriculum.

Employment Support

The results of this process are vocational themes that help the employment specialist find competitive or customised employment opportunities that best match the jobseeker’s abilities and interests.

Participants who seek employment are supported through the application and interview process.

Once a job seeker is offered an employment offer, we act as a consultant for the employer, providing supplemental on-the-job training support if requested. Finally, after stabilising the new employee, we can provide ongoing support to ensure that the employee continues to thrive and assist in further career enhancement opportunities.

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