Positive Behaviour Support


Empress provides specialised therapeutic services for people with behaviours of concern. We’ll get to know you and your support network; our approach will depend on your needs. 

Empress Support Services’ strategies aim to promote positive and proactive support. These strategies include building positive relationships, increasing access to choice and control, developing effective communication systems, creating a safe and supportive physical and social environment, and teaching alternative and functional skills. You can access our Positive Behaviour Support Service for specialist behavioural intervention,

Often it will involve a mix of:

  • Understanding you and your environment
  • Understanding the behaviour and the triggers
  • Identifying helpful, alternative ways to meet the same needs
  • Identifying what to do to prevent the behaviour and what might help when the behaviour occurs
  • Reducing the use of restrictive interventions
  • Anticipating what may go wrong
  • Working together on strategies
  • Involving family and carers
  • Working with your other therapists

We promote positive and proactive interventions that foster independence, promote individual rights and choice, and enhance overall well-being.